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Wolverine 1.Sezon 9.Bölüm izle, Logan and Yukio enter Hell Road and Yukio explains the history of the road as it was built. The only person to make to the top was Juo Kurohagi, Hideki's father. Later, they encounter traps and push through them barely managing to get by. They proceed by foot when the motorcycle they were on is destroyed by spears. As they make their way passed trap on top of trap, they fall down a trapdoor with spears at the bottom. Meanwhile, Koh takes his men through a secret underground path he didn't inform Logan about. Upon hearing that his granddaughter Yukio is with Logan, he still proceeds with his plan to take down Kurohagi. As they were falling, Logan used his claws to grasp the wall and hold on to Yukio. Locals who saw them still alive attempt to close the door, but Yukio manages to get out and dispatch them. Logan then makes his way out and both of them continue to run into more traps and locals. Meanwhile, Vadhaka returns to an angry Hideki who knows Logan still isn't dead, and that Logan is on his way on Hell Road, so he calls for the ceremony to start immediately. As more traps are activated, Logan and Yukio still manage to get through with local enemies get killed in the process. With one trap by one group of vandals taken out, the power balance shifts, causing unrest between criminal groups. As the duo near the Dragon Palace, they are stuck in the ground as it is liquified. Koh and his men emerge from the passage to find the road as Logan had left it as he passed. Frustrated, Logan goes Wolverine and escapes the trap he, with Yukio, are in and takes down the enemies who're trying to kill them. Koh meets up with Logan and has his men handle the obstacles to let him through. When they finally make it to the top, they run into Kikyo.

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